Saturday, December 18, 2010

Same old, same old...

Well. It's been months since I've updated this blog, and after a quick glance through my previous posts, I've realized something not-so-encouraging. I'm still dealing with all the same stuff. What's up with that?

Distractions? Still a huge problem for me. I can't seem to focus on Christ the way I think I should. The way I KNOW I should. Although my friend Laura made a great comment about this the other night at Lifegroup. Salvation isn't complete yet. Not until we die and are raised up again in our new bodies. Not until we meet Jesus face to face. I realized that suddenly one day while I was reading the Bible. A verse, I can't remember which one, jumped out at me in a way it never had before, and I suddenly understood that we're not saved, past tense. We're being saved... uh, past perfect tense, I think? Whatever the grammatical term for it, it was a revelation.

And Africa? Still hasn't happened. Didn't have the money for it in October, so we planned for January. And guess what? Still didn't have enough. We saved like crazy, but then I got a little too comfortable with my income and allowed a bit more spending than I really should have. When my income dropped considerably (I started editing rather than ghostwriting new material, and it takes much more time to earn the same amount of money with editing) we suddenly were no longer on track for having $2,500 by the beginning of 2011. So that didn't happen.

But don't get me wrong. Things are still happening. I'll have to write more about it later. Wes just got home from work, and I should go spend some time with him.