Monday, May 9, 2011

Boxed cereals

What do I think of boxed cereal? Well, it tastes great, is easy to fix, and has always been one of my favorite snacks/meals/desserts. But recently I've been reading some information about processed foods (and grains in general) that has led me to believe that even the so-called "healthy" cereals do more harm than good to your body.

Grains, seeds, and beans all contain nutrient inhibitors. As I understand it, these are the things that preserve the nutrients in the seed until it germinates. But if you eat any of these foods with the nutrient inhibitors still in them, they will, as their name implies, inhibit the nutrients from being absorbed by your body. This is why grains, seeds, nuts, and beans need to be either soaked, fermented, or sprouted in order for their nutrients to be accessible to your body.

In addition, boxed cereals are so highly processed that most of their nutritional value is destroyed. Of course, all kinds of synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to cereals to try to boost their nutritional value, but artificial nutrients aren't absorbed into the body nearly as well as natural ones. Which makes me wonder why we don't just eat the stuff God made for us to eat. I mean, it's getting more and more obvious as the scientific research keeps coming in. Natural, unprocessed food is always the healthier way to go. Processed and synthetic foods are constantly being found to cause all kinds of health problems and diseases. So yeah, it looks like God really did know what he was doing when he made all this. Lol. But it just amazes me how long it's taking us to figure that out.

For further research, a well-written and very informative article on cereal can be found here:

And a great article on soaking grains can be found here:

Here's a good one on white rice vs. brown, based on the understanding that brown rice, while containing many more nutrients, is also full of nutrient inhibitors, and is very difficult to digest:

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