Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Home organization binder

I read a post yesterday at passionatehomemaking.com about creating a home organization binder, and it seemed like a really good idea, so I think it's something I'm going to try this year. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Here are some things I'd like to incorporate in mine:

A page for my life goals, both for godly character traits I would like to possess and things I would like to accomplish

A page for my goals for the year - goals in food preparation, writing, homemaking, loving my husband, raising my children, and honoring my God

Pages for goals for each month

A list of my weekly chores

A list of my daily chores

Paper for daily to-do lists

Paper for weekly grocery lists

Paper for weekly meal planning

Any ideas or thoughts about this? Am I missing anything?

UPDATE: Oh! Here's a thought. Maybe I can do this here on the blog. Hmm. Which would be better, on paper or on the computer? Paper I can take with me. On the computer I'll never have to replace or add pages, and I won't have to buy anything. What if we stop paying for internet?

Huh. Maybe I'll start on the computer for now and see how it goes. The only thing I really need on paper is my grocery list, and that takes all of two minutes to copy down onto a scrap of notepaper from the computer, so that's not much... Okay. We'll just try it and see how it goes for now. Can always change my mind later if it doesn't work.

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